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Jenny D. Primm, B.A., H.I.S.

Jenny D. Primm, B.A., H.I.S.

Hearing Instrument Specialist

Jenny Primm has been helping people get the gift of hearing back since 1998. Jenny was born and raised in the state of Washington. As a native of Tacoma, she understands the local lifestyle and environment, and how they relate to the challenges and opportunities for the hearing impaired.

To Jenny, every patient she treats has a unique hearing loss and a story to tell. So she’s committed to learning as much as she can about each of her patients – their personal history, family dynamics, medical history, occupational responsibilities, hobbies and interests, personal values, hearing-related challenges, economic capabilities, and personal needs and wishes.

With extensive training in hearing aid technology offered by all of the big six global manufactures, Jenny has the knowledge to select the technology which best meets each patient’s unique hearing loss needs and financial capabilities.

Jenny has dedicated herself to improving the lives of the hearing impaired, and with today’s technology, the improvement is immediate. Patients who once struggled to hear in a restaurant can now listen with ease and clarity, able to stay in the conversation, connected to friends and family. She loves to see how patients who were once tentative about venturing out, are soon taking advantage of all that Tacoma has to offer.

Camilo Hernández Perez

Camilo Hernández Perez

Audio Tech

My name is Camilo Hernandez Perez originally from Medellin Colombia, but currently I live in Tacoma Washington.

In 2010, I began my university studies as a Speech Therapist aimed at helping people with communication disabilities. However, throughout my studies I came across with audiology which I felt completely identified. It was in that field that I decided that I wanted to continue my studies, focusing on this practice area. In 2018, I graduated as a specialist in audiology from Corporación Universitaria Iberoamericana in Bogotá, Colombia at that time, I was working in Medellin in an ENT clinic. I had the opportunity there to start performing basic audiology exams. After some time, I become part of the Hearing Aids Department for almost 3 years until I moved to the states in 2019.

I stopped working in this field for almost 3 years, but now I return to work as an audio technician, happy to be part of the team, willing to learn every day and give my best. Currently I’m getting ready to take my test and get my license as a Hearing aid Specialist and also, I’m pursuing my AuD at Salus university and plan to graduate in August of 2025.

Irene Medina, PSC

Irene Medina, PSC

Patient Services Coordinator

Bio Coming Soon.

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