Tacoma Hearing Aid Testimonial – Linnea

I came to know the staff approximately 4 years ago.  I can’t speak highly enough about their caring, knowledge and willingness to help me.  I am very happy with my newest hearing aids.  It’s exactly what I was trying to obtain.  Short of having my hearing back I think it’s about the best out there. […]

Tacoma Hearing Aid Testimonial – Lee

After you moved from Puyallup I went to the trouble to track you down at your present location.  The reason being your excellent work and service.  Thank you for all you do. Lee M. Puyallup, WA

Tacoma Hearing Aid Testimonial – Glenna

I highly recommend All American Hearing located at 10909 Portland Ave East in Midland.  I have tried other companies, and Jenny Primm has been the only one to successfully fit me with the proper hearing aids to meet all my needs.  She continues to pursue all areas of my hearing deficiency, including areas I had become “used […]

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